Official Statement Regarding Vaping Related Lung Illnesses: Blame on Vaping Industry Misguided

Nice read from USA Today on current “vape related” lung injuries.
August 28, 2019
VTA responds for CDC and FDA statements.
September 9, 2019
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Official Statement Regarding Vaping Related Lung Illnesses: Blame on Vaping Industry Misguided


(RICHMOND, Va.) – Recent reports about vaping-related illnesses across the country are seriously misrepresenting the vaping industry. Most media outlets have failed to report that these respiratory illnesses are caused by illicit, street-bought marijuana THC cartridges. Hence, it is irresponsible to blame these respiratory infections on the legitimate and highly regulated vaping industry. Anti-vaping groups are using these reports to mislead the public. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said “legal vapes have been actively regulated by FDA since Aug [sic] 2017. FDA has conducted thousands of inspections of manufacturers and vape stores, published manufacturing guidance, sought product removals etc. These tragedies point to illegal vapes and THC.” THC cartridges of any sort are illegal in Virginia, and the Virginia Smoke Free Association (“VSFA”) does not promote or condone their use. When purchased illegally, there is no way to know what is contained in the cartridge, how it was manufactured, or the health risks involved. VSFA and the vapor industry are committed to tobacco harm reduction. The toxic effects of cigarette smoke are well-documented and continue to kill hundreds of thousands every year in the United States alone. VSFA believes vaping is the best alternative to the very real epidemic of smoking. Scientific studies from across the globe have consistently shown that vaping is the most effective means of smoking cessation available.

VSFA members are devoted to responsible business practices. This includes eliminating unsafe, non-compliant, and illegal products. It also includes not selling vaping products to persons under the age of 21.

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Jay Taylor
Virginia Smoke Free Association