What are Electronic Cigarettes?

These are devices which mimic the smoking experience through vaporization of a special type of liquid. This solution is comprised of propylene glycol, nicotine and often a flavoring agent. Small amounts of it are vaporized when you draw upon it instead of burning like smoke from tobacco in a traditional cigarette. The process of “vaping,” as it is generally known by users, works through a battery heater known as an atomizer.

Many e-cigarettes appear like a regular cigarette, especially from afar. These tube shaped devices contain all of the working elements within each one. Other styles may be larger and have replaceable liquid tanks and atomizers. There are various designs and sizes that you can choose from when purchasing.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

While nicotine is not entirely safe, these are often considered a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. The majority of risks associated with smoking have to do with the carcinogens created by tobacco combustion. Studies have indicated that the illnesses and death associated with traditional products are from smoke inhalation and not the nicotine itself.

Is Anti-freeze Used in E-cigarettes?

No. This falsehood is a result of a statement from 2009 in which the Food and Drug Administration found trace amounts of diethylene glycol in one of eighteen cartridges tested by the agency. While this chemical is sometimes used in anti-freeze, this is the only instance of it being found in electronic cigarettes.

Propylene glycol is the base of the liquid in e-cigarettes and is Generally Recognized As Safe, or GRAS, by the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency. Some manufacturers of non-toxic anti-freeze use it as do many other companies. It is a common ingredient in the medical and cosmetic industries as well as some types of food. Fog producing machines also utilize it.

Can You Get Cancer from E-cigarettes?

The liquid in e-cigarettes contains small amounts of nitrosamines, which can be harmful in large doses. The small amounts in the vapor are comparable to that found in nicotine patches and is far less than what you will inhale from burning tobacco. It is not significant enough to be labeled cancer causing.

Can You Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes?

These products are not marketed as such though there have been reports of people successfully using them in this manner. They are an alternative to smoking that can be enjoyed in many places that smoking is forbidden.

Which Ones Are Most Similar to Traditional Cigarettes?

There are many varieties on the market, including those that are flavored like regular cigarettes. Other flavors include menthol and clove, which mimic the smoking experience of those types as well. One advantage to them is that they do not have the lingering aftertaste or smell of burning tobacco. Experimenting with different manufacturers and flavors will allow you to determine which you find most appealing.